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Are you one of those people that only think of Vietnam in terms of that 20th Century war?

With these interesting facts about Vietnam, explore how fascinating the country has become over the years; with beautiful scenery, amazing cuisine, and an awesome kaleidoscope of cultures that you definitely need to experience for yourself!

Capital: Hanoi

Extension: 331,210 km2

Official language: Vietnamese

Currency: Doong (VND)


Traditional Vietnamese culture revolves around the core values of humanity, community, harmony, and family.


Tet Nguyen Dan (or simply Tet) is the most important festival in Vietnam. It celebrates rebirth and is an equivalent of the Lunar New Year.

Heritage: Temples

The My Son Sanctuary is a structural display of Hindu tower temples developed over ten centuries.

Ancient Art

Hue’s royal tombs are a vivid portrayal of ancient royal art, architecture, and geomancy.


Fansipan, also known as The Roof of Indochina is the highest mountain peak in the region.


The principle of yin and yang is also applied in composing a meal, to provide contrasts in spiciness and temperature of the food.

Snake Wine

Snake wine, which is made by steeping whole snakes in rice wine for their venom or essence, is commonly drunk for health, vitality and restorative purposes.

Popular Food: Pho

Noodles or “pho” are the second most popular food in Vietnam, after boiled rice.


The tunnels of Cu Chi are a network of underground pathways that were used as a military base for the Viet Cong soldiers in their resistance of American forces.


Did you know that Vietnam is one of the biggest producers of cashew nuts in the world?


School children are summoned by traditional gongs instead of bells.

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