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About Us

Photography: Giuliano Di Paolo

Travel To Blank Out takes you to enchanting and untouched places in South East Asia where the essential happiness is a genuine priority.

Don’t think about anything

Photography: Cris Trung
Photography: D C Mihn

Let me carry the heaviness on your shoulders and let me plan every detail of your adventure to make you feel alive again.


Collaboration with local team

In a strong collaboration with a local business in Vietnam, Travel To Blank Out is ready to make you dive into local habits, local people, local cuisine, local experiences. Local guides and local souls will take care of you during your Asian adventure and rebirth.

Local Team


Travel to Blank Out

To Blank out means “to cancel or obscure by covering over, to void not to think and deliberately try to forget” .

Joana Nucci


Growing up I have realized how healing is traveling when you need to let things in your mind and soul go. If you blank out a particular feeling or thought, you do not allow yourself to experience that feeling or to have that thought.

The hard times

Several times, I found myself struggling in life and at the edge of a point of no return. What has saved me everytime? Traveling. Getting out of my comfort zone opened thousands of doors that I didn’t even know they existed. Travel To Blank Out was one of those and I want to give you the chance to experience the magic I have touched with my own hands.

What helps to achieve this freedom?

Diving into a new culture
Absorbing what’s new and different
You’ll be sure you will be free again.